Quality Powder Coating is driven by “Zero Defects” mentality!

Quality Certifications
To ensure quality, Watson Coatings uses a proactive APQP process. It includes comprehensive FMEA’s, Process Flowcharts, and Control Plans to the inspection and PPAP process.

Due to Watson technicians dedication to quality, they are driven by the challenge of performing at the highest level. Also offering precision parts at competitive prices and delivered on time. Furthermore, all metal fabrication equipment is computer controlled to provide customers with only the finest metal parts.

Watson Coatings 
provides customers with powder coating service to a variety of industries.

  • ISO 9001:2008 Certified
  • DCC CMM Inspection Machines (auto inspection)
  • Portable CMM capabilities (manual inspection)
  • Laser scanning capabilities
  • 24hr. inspection coverage
  • In-house weld verification and testing
  • Paint line testing and certification
  • In-process floor auditors

“Committed to satisfying every customer’s needs by exceeding their expectations.”

Quality Equipment

Because Customer satisfaction is important to everyone at Watson Coatings.  Operators and staff take pride in providing “Best in Class” products. Whether a single piece to high volume metal powder coating, quality parts finishing performed on a daily basis. As a result, quality control upheld from start to finish. While continually upgrading machining and equipment to ensure high quality.

Also, programming software updated continuously to stay competitive within the market.

With technology advancing so quickly, it’s important to remain ISO 9001:2008 certified in order to provide high quality you expect.

Customers are the most important aspect of the Watson company. Finally, Operators and staff do their best to Exceed Expectations.