Safety at Watson Coatings, LLC. is a #1 priority

Safety and leadership foster a philosophy that communicates a proactive attitude. Furthermore, safety is maintained by select and informed representatives at Watson.

Watson complies with appropriate laws and regulations such as those established by:

  • Manual Powder CoatingOccupational Safety and Health Act (OSHA)
  • Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)
  • Department of Transportation (DOT)
  • Other applicable federal, state, local safety and health departments.

Because safe employees are of utmost importance. So are areas of quality, production, and cost control. As they are all key factors to ensuring safety in the Watson workplace.

While these issues often are viewed in one of the related disciplines. Including quality, reliability, availability, and maintainability. (Availability sometimes not mentioned. This is on the principle that it a simple function – reliability and maintainability.) These issues tend to determine the value of any work. Also, deficits in any of these areas are considered to result in a cost. Beyond the cost of addressing the area in the first place. Due to good management expects to minimize total cost. By creating, promoting and complying efficient philosophies of safety is essential. Hense, from personal protective glasses to clean workspace. Watson employees continually strive to be 100% incident-free.

Maintenance of safe operating equipment and procedures at all times is of both human and monetary value.

All injuries and accidents are preventable through establishment and compliance of safe work procedures.

The prevention of bodily injury and safeguarding of health are the first considerations in all workplace actions. This is the responsibility of every employee at every level.  All employees are responsible for knowing and following safe work practices.